Aubergine and Raita

English Dinner

– Sichuan-style ocean fragrant aubergine, topped with crispy shallots, cashew nuts and fresh mint.
– Indian style raita, on a bed of white rice.

Normally I cook a lot of Indian food. Unfortunately, due to the pandamic, the only way I can travel now is by food. So I try and create a lot of dishes from countries I’ve visited before. This dish in particular was a bit of an experiment of mine with Thai, Chinese and Malaysian influences. Of course, I wouldn’t really dare to serve this to Thai, Chinese or Malaysian people :).

One of these days, I’m going to try and cook Persian food. I bought a Persian cook book so I’m curious about how those dishes will work out.

I usually cook on Sunday and make enough food for two days. So I’ll cook again on Wednesday and so on. Though I’m an ok cook, I don’t want to stand in the kitchen everyday. But my mother is the real cook in the family. She makes the most amazing food!

My favourite food in the world is Bao Bhaji, it’s Indian street food in the form of bread and mashed vegtables. You can’t really find good ones here in London. So whenever I’m in India, I really try to visit Mumbai, they have the best Bao Bhajis!

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