Malaysian Dinner

Dinner – 蒸蛋  (Steamed egg)– 咕噜肉/酸甜肉 (Sweet and sour pork)– 苦瓜 (vegetables/bitter gourd)– 老黄瓜汤 (Yellow cucumber soup) – 饭 (Rice)– 中国茶。(Chinese tea) I’m eating my dinner at an Economic Rice or Zap Fan (meaning mixed rice in Cantonese). It’s a restaurant that basically offers a buffet. Different foods are available, you just put the ones you… Continue reading Malaysian Dinner

Belgian Breakfast

Belgian Breakfast – Havermout (oatmeal)– Gemixt fruit (mixed fruit)– Appelsien (orange)– Koffie (coffee) I actually should have eaten bread for this breakfast with you, I believe that’s more representative of a Belgian breakfast. If you think about it, Belgians really have a bread culture. I remember in the 80’s when my parents hung a bag… Continue reading Belgian Breakfast